Itriya Cafe Closes At Diamond Jamboree

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Edwin Goei

Itriya Cafe, the restaurant whose tagline is "Spaghetti and Ssam" because it attempts to serve both Italian pastas and Korean lettuce wraps, has closed at Diamond Jamboree. There was a note taped to the door that said: 

"We Are Moving! Saying Goodbye Is Not Easy!! We've Enjoyed Meeting Everyone And Making Lot's (sic) Of Friends! We Hope That You Will All Join Us For Our New Grand Opening!"

The restaurant, which had the enviable corner spot at Diamond Jamboree visible from all angles to traffic, opened last October after a long delay. Yesterday, all the windows were hastily covered with butcher paper and inside demolition had already begun.

Itriya was the brainchild of Howard Gordon, an ex-executive of The Cheesecake Factory, who recently hired Austin Lee as his new chef. Anne Marie profiled Lee on these very pages a few weeks ago. To read her interview, work your way backwards from Part 3. To read my review of the restaurant click here.

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I don't think the owners of DJ will have much trouble renting out that location to another venture.  That center is always packed.


Seriously, was this really a new concept?  Curry House (Cypress, Irvine) also has "Italian" food on its menu, and after I have a cup of coffee I can probably think of others.  Heck, even *Jollibee* has spaghetti on its menu.  . . And I always love how a closed restaurant posts something that says "See you at our new location," when in fact the only place we'll be seeing them are the hallways of bankruptcy court. 

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