On the Line: Alexandra LittleJohn of Green Bliss/Cafecito Organico, Part Three

Photo by Mary Pastrana

What we've come to realize about coffee is that, "It is a completely different subculture.", per Alexandra. "It's wonderful in a lot of ways, but we want more people to get involved in that." She relates one's transition into coffee drinking to consuming beer, "At first, you start with Miller High Life and Bud. When you get older, you start drinking Chimays or really good Hefeweizen, IPAs. You figure out what your palate is."

For our recipe, LittleJohn chose to demonstrate how to brew a cup using a relatively simple method, the V60 (pictured above). Short of paying someone to do it for you, she hopes this will not only educate, but encourage others to do-it-themselves.

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And now, on to Part Three . . . .

How to Use a V60

Serves 1, 12-ounce cup or 2, 6-ounce cups


Recipe ingredients:

30 grams coffee, ground a little coarser than paper filter
450 grams water

Recipe instructions:

Pre-wet filter and pour coffee into the V60.

Pre-wet or bloom coffee at 65-70 grams of water and let bloom for 1 minute. Fold or stir during bloom, being sure to scrape the sides of the filter.

Slow pour up to 300 grams of water, making sure to never cross the bloom line, and that your bed is flat with little to no "high and dry's".

Remove the V60, then add the remaining water (150 grams) to the coffee concentrate you've just created. This is called bypass brewing.

Works with any coffee. Enjoy!

Photo by Mary Pastrana


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