Downtown Fullerton Walk-By Reporting: Spanish Restaurant Closes, Mexican One Coming, & Another Burger Parlor Update

Edwin Goei
I'd be shirking my duties as a food blogger if I didn't snap pictures of newsworthy food stories during a stroll I took yesterday afternoon in downtown Fullerton. Whenever I get the chance (and the time), I do this: I put rubber soles to the ground and do cursory visits to check the pulse of places I reviewed. Les Amis, Tranquil Tea Lounge and The Pint House, even Mitsu E Shabu Shabu are still going strong; but on this walk through, it seems we've lost one. Lizarran Tapas, the only local franchise from a Barcelona-based restaurant group, is now dark.

Lizarran specialized in pinxtos, the Basque hors d'oeuvres served on thick slices of crusty bread with toppings ranging from the ultra-savory to the tooth-achingly sweet. Each piece was threaded by a toothpick that's its namesake ("pintxo" literally translates to "spike" or "thorn") and also, the restaurant's accounting system. After the meal, the sticks were counted and tallied up for the bill. 

A note on the door echoed the message I read later on their Facebook. It said: 

We apologize for the inconvenience but we have sold our location and are currently closed. We are aiming to open another location by year end and will provide information on our website. Sincerely, Lizarran Tapas Restaurant

Edwin Goei

But I knew who the buyers were immediately. Signs on the windows indicate that the owners of Placentia's El Farolito have claimed the space, the chairs, the tables, everything Lizarran left behind.

Edwin Goei

And I wouldn't be a Forker if I didn't post an update on the progress of Joseph Mahon's Burger Parlor, which popped-out of its Rialto Cafe space and now is slowly but surely incubating at a space of its own at 204 N. Harbor (see the red circle in the picture above), just footsteps away from the new Farolito. 

Here's my update: not much more to report since the last time Shuji posted his update. Of course, it's not been the "50-60 days" that Mahon estimated it'll take before anything really newsworthy happens. Though Mahon seems to have finalized the logo design. In the meantime, patience, padawans. Patience.

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