Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Manager Demoted for Stealing Food, Boyfriend Robs Her Taco Bell Branch!

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It's one thing to stand up for your woman's honor--but do you really want to stand up for her after she just got demoted from her Taco Bell manager job for stealing food? And do you want to do it by robbing said Taco Bell?

The story comes from a place I'm going to be visiting verrrrrry soon: Crossville (pronounced with one syllable so it sounds "Crosvl"), Tennessee.

Quick note about Crossville: it's so backwards, the local press STILL publishes the home address of people. Tee-hee! Now, on to the story:

The boyfriend of a demoted former manager of the Taco Bell on Peavine Rd. has been arrested and charged with armed robbery and theft in connection with a Saturday morning incident. Police are seeking the girlfriend -- now a former employee -- as an accomplice in the case.

Crossville Police Det. Bill Padgett confirmed yesterday that Robert Jay Gilleand, 24, 112 Avon Rd., was arrested early Sunday morning in connection with the holdup that netted more over $2,500. A portion of the money has been recovered by police.

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Police say Gilleand is a boyfriend to a former assistant manager who about a month ago was demoted after being accused of stealing food. The woman was employed prior to the robbery Saturday morning but has not shown up to pick up her last check since that incident.

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