Injured YouTube Cooking Show Chef Almost Ready To Start Cooking Again

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Cooking with Dog, one of the most popular YouTube cooking shows, went on an involuntary hiatus when the star, a Japanese woman who just goes by "Chef," was injured in a bicycle accident in January.

While she has been recovering, the YouTube channel filled the time with remastered episodes from the past. But last week, there was a brand new episode. The Chef isn't yet back on duty, but she did make an appearance to introduce a guest cook who filled in just for this episode.

The good news is that she looks fully recovered and intends to cook again soon. She also posted this update on Facebook:

"Hello everyone. Thank you very much for your kind get well wishes from around the world. When I read your messages it almost brought tears to my eyes! I still need some time to try a new recipe so please wait for our new video. Thank you for your continuous support." - Chef

Until then, "Good luck in the kitchen!"

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