McDonald's Introduces Bubble Tea Drink in Germany; Some Call The Ad Racist

Categories: Chain Reactions

The news fluttering about the blogosphere isn't that McDonald's in Germany is selling bubble tea (also known as boba, those drinks with the chewy, starchy balls made from tapioca), it's that a few sites are questioning whether the ad they've developed to market the product is racially insensitive.

The blog Burger Business comments that Chinese character dubbed Chan McTi may "cross the border into caricature."
Other sites have pointed out that McD's has used a Japanese sounding word "Bubblezzaaiii" for a drink that originated in Taiwan.

The Braiser had this to say about that, "Let us collectively groan when the obviously Chinese guy uses a Japanese term to describe bubble tea."

The blog Angry Asian Man has yet to comment.

See the ad below:

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