NYU Grad Student Perfecting Burrito-Making Robot


The Internet is just catching up today to the Burritob0t, the manic creation of New York University grad student Marko Manriquez. It's exactly what it sounds like: a robot that makes burritos.

"Because the burrito is a mass market consumable, it lends easily as a way for examining and stimulating discussion on various aspects of the food industry including: how and where our food is grown, methods of production, environmental impact, cultural appropriation and perhaps most importantly--what our food means to us,"

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Will simple meals like this be a thing of the past as SKYNET takes over???

...he writes in his About page. "By parodying the humble burrito's ingredients and methods of production we can shed light on these exogenous factors and interconnected systems surrounding the simple burrito."

Ah, I remember writing like that in grad school, too...

Eventually, you'll be able to direct the robot via iPhone and specify how much salsa, guacamole, meat and other condiments you want placed on a tortilla, then ask it to wrap it--take THAT, Chipotle!

Most hilarious part of this? Manriquez's simple explanation for creating a burrito: he can't find a good one in NYC. Because that's not a burrito mecca, son! But score another one for the motherhood argument of necessity...

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