A Slice of NY Pizza Opens (Finally!) in Huntington Harbour

The Seal Beach store, not the new HB store!
Any time we hear of a new restaurant's opening, we have a healthy fistful of salt on hand. Good intentions and strict timetables always seem to get waylaid by construction delays or permitting issues. So it is with A Slice of NY Pizza's second location, which opened this past weekend in Huntington Harbour.

We reported the news of the expansion last July. The managers of the Seal Beach location told us it was supposed to open some time in September. We checked back in November, and there were still not open due to construction delays. Honestly, we stopped making the periodic phone calls to check in, so many thanks to tipster CynD for news of this weekend's grand opening.

What you'll find there is one of the few, legit NYC-style pizzas in Orange County. But the skeptic in us knows that the quality of pizza depends entirely on the expertise of the person making it.

We haven't tried this new location, so can't vouch for the pie man working the line. If you beat us there, reader, leave us a comment, will you? Let us know if that crust snaps with a crack when you fold it half like it's supposed to.

A Slice of NY Pizza 16821 Algonquin St., Ste. 101, Huntington Beach, www.asliceofnewyorkpizza.net.

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Elise Wallace
Elise Wallace

I hope it's as good as the Seal Beach location. It will save me from driving that far.


And let us know, dear reader, what time of day you sampled a slice... 'twould be great if it was primo at 2:55 p.m., vs. during a more peak wave.  Thanks for the update... there might actually be good pizza by the slice in mainland Orange County, without us having to pass that freaky bay and scary naval weapons station. 

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