Wicked 'Wiches Sandwich Shop Opens in Santa Ana

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Wicked 'Wiches
Wicked 'Wiches, a popular catering company that delivers gourmet sandwiches to gatherings all over OC, has gone brick and mortar, opening a retail shop in Santa Ana.  

Ever since it launched in Fountain Valley in 2009, the company has assembled flavor-packed subs for the masses. All sauces and spreads are house-made, down to the mustard, relish and pesto mayonnaise. A few fan-favorites: the Esmerelda (roast beef, caramelized onions, spicy peppers, blue cheese, horsy sauce), the Bada Bing 'Wich (capicolla, mortadella, prosciutto, Genoa salami, black forest ham, provolone, pepperoncini, relish) and That 'Wich (herbed turkey and avocado spread slathered in pesto mayonnaise and pepper jack). 

Last year, owner Jaime Lumia started selling the sandwiches at Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa, but eventually needed a location to call her own. Wicked 'Wiches opened for business last Friday with a limited menu. More 'Wiches will be rolling out soon. 

Wicked 'Wiches, 3701 S. Harbor Blvd., Ste. F, Santa Ana; (714) 444-2107; 

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Wicked 'Wiches

3701 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, CA

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I sense there may be some trouble a brewin!

Which Wich has a wich called the Wicked... and their sandwiches are referred to as "wich"

Kansas Lawdog
Kansas Lawdog

Nope!  You're comingling company and sandwich names.  I see no issues with trademark violations.  How do I know you might ask?  I am a patent/trademark attorney...that happens to love a good "wich!"


I can see your poing but restaurants like In N Out have sued other restaurants over similar color schemes in the logo... In N Out doesn't have a trademark on Red, white and yellow.  Disney has sued over people using a similar font as the classic Disney lettering in their businesses.  If I have a shop called Which which and my marquis sandwich is called the Wicked and someone comes along and started marketing themselves as Wicked Wiches I might have a problem with that. 

BTW if you love a good wich you should try Which wich's Elvis wich... I was leary at first but its GD good!

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