Two New Restaurants Planned for Irvine's Campus Plaza

Edwin Goei
The vacant spots next to Gina's Pizza in the Albertsons-anchored shopping mall near UC Irvine are getting new tenants. It was in January that Saigon Basil, the Vietnamese restaurant that replaced the long-lived Oriental Kitchen, folded. 

And now we're getting another Asian restaurant in its place. MJ Cafe Express looks to be affliated with the eatery of the same name in Monterey Park, which serves boba drinks and Taiwanese food.

Next door to MJ will be another branch of the slowly growing sandwich chain Which Wich .  . . which made my list of 10 Great Sandwiches in OC.

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Does anyone know what happened to Oriental Kitchen?  Did he go under (doubtful - always packed) or just quit/retire?  Loved that place in college and miss it. 


Which Wich's website lists a location in Park Place (Michelson and Jamboree) as coming soon, but has nothing in Campus Plaza.  Has something changed?   

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