Animal Rights Group To Protest Haven Gastropub's Foie Gras Dinner Tonight

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Looks like diners at tonight's "Fight For Foie" event at Haven Gastropub will have company. The Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL) plans to protest the multi-chef, multi-course foie gras dinner by displaying signs and videos of "the way ducks are force fed to make foie gras." To the right is an example of such imagery, posted on the group's Meetup page.  

Haven Gastropub is anticipating the protest, and therefore will not be seating customers on the patio. 

As Dave reported, July 1 is the day that foie gras becomes outlawed in California. Haven chef Greg Daniels and others are fighting for humane and ethical farming instead of an outright ban. APRL, on its Facebook page, called such attempts "last ditch efforts in a failing cause to keep cruelty on their menus." 

There may be a couple spots left for dinner if you want to watch the action unfold from inside the cozy restaurant. Check out all the details here, and call 714-221-0680 to make reservations. 

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Haven Gastropub

190 S. Glassell St., Orange, CA

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