Taco Bell Introduces New Breakfast Drink: Mountain Dew + Orange Juice

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Mixologists of the world, this has got to hurt. The newest concoction from those outside-the-bun thinkers at Taco Bell HQ is a breakfast drink called Mountain Dew A.M. As described on the sign, posted on Reddit, the beverage is a "mixology of Mtn Dew and OJ." It's only served until 11 a.m.--after that, you'll have to open your fridge and make one yourself. 

The beverage just confuses me. Is it healthy because it's got Vitamin C? Will it turn your insides fluorescent yellow? Are you supposed to add vodka it?
Mountain Dew A.M. is being tested at Taco Bell locations in Fresno and Southern California. If it does well (and if customers don't suddenly become radioactive), the company will expand it to all of its restaurants that serve breakfast. 

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Mountain Dew and orange juice is no stranger to me. Drinking it right now.  I have been doing this for at least 15 years.  I usually mix half and half.  If you have a cough and orange juice irritates it, just mix in the Mountain Dew and you don't have a problem.  Very tasty.

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