Reasons to Visit Matator Cantina: A Patrón Pairing Dinner!

Amy Kaplan/OC Weekly

Maybe you're stuck working this Saturday. Or you want to keep celebrating long after the 5th has come and gone. Either way, the duo of chef David Dennis and mixologist David Valiante at downtown Fulleton's Matador Cantina have five perfectly good reasons to pay a visit. And each goes well with tequila.

This five-course dinner, scheduled for Thursday, May 17, includes:

First course:
Watermelon, jicama, cilantro, mint with lime vinaigrette. Paired with Pepino y Melon.
Second course: Gazpacho with avocado, served cold. Paired with Patron Reposado neat.
Third course: Deviled egg trio of chorizo, bacon and avocado, and crab. Paired with Salvia de Pina.
Fourth course: Ropa vieja. Paired with Patron Anejo neat.
Fifth course: Deconstructed tiramisu. Paired with Patron XO Cafe Dark

Dinner will run you $55, plus tax and gratuity. Be sure to notify your server of any food allergies when making your reservation, which are required. Oh, and a designated driver on hand helps. Just please don't do a silly Pee-wee Herman-esque dance.

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Matador Cantina

111 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA

Category: Music

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Oh dear gawd, not Patron.  It's barely above crap.  It's what wannabe tequila drinkers drink.  Oh yah, it's barely above crap. 

Courses, all neat:1) Cielo Blanco2) Canicas Plata3) Profidio Añejo4) Casa Noble Añejo 5) 1921 Crema con Tequila

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