Tortilla Tuesday: La Ranchera Tortilleria


You always want to root for the little guy, the indie market that'll beat the competition--but sometimes, the little guy doesn't win. Sometimes, the little guy is just pedestrian, not memorable--not terrible, but just unspectacular. Hence, the little guy station in life.

That's what you'll get with La Ranchera's tortillas.

They're not terrible--they heat well, they fold well, they function. But when the best thing you can say about a tortilla is that it's a tortilla, then there's a problem. There's no lingering nixtamal flavor, the tortilla is a bit thin, and there's certainly nothing that will motivate you to drive all the way to La Habra just to buy them. You're not a fool to buy them, but you're better off buying from another tortilleria. If you're in La Habra, you're better off buying them from Northgate González Markets, which has a location in that city.

Imagine that--me picking a chain over the indie guy. Since when did I turn all Reason?

Grade: C

La Ranchera Tortilleria, 911 E. La Habra Blvd., La Habra, (562) 691-7633.

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Curious to see what you guys think of Tortilleria Flor De Mexicali. 

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