KFC Uses Rain Forest Wood For Chicken Buckets, Greenpeace Claims

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It's no secret that PETA is no friend of KFC's. And now, the fried chicken purveyor has angered the people at Greenpeace, too. The organization has recently alleged that The Colonel has been using wood harvested from Indonesia's rain forest for the paper in its signature chicken buckets. Along with all the other issues associated with deforestation, Indonesia's forests are the habitat of the endangered Sumatran tiger. 

In a bit of CSI-like sleuthing, the environmental group has reportedly found that the packaging KFC uses in Indonesia, the U.K., and China for the past two years have fibers that came from tropical hardwood trees native to Indonesia's rain forests. More than half of the material in KFC's China stores came from the same kinds of wood, Greenpeace claims.

As part of their protest, Greenpeace supporters hung a sign on parent company Yum! Brands headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky this week. A spokesperson for the group had this sound bite: "Do consumers want to have chicken wrapped in rain forests, or is there a better way of doing business?"

Update!: A Yum! Brands spokesperson who read this post has e-mailed in to add this comment:

"The fact is that 60% of paper products we purchase are sourced from sustainable forests, and suppliers are moving toward 100%."
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John Glanton
John Glanton

Well, if Greenpeace says so, it must be true, right? I mean, we should trust a group that goes to people's houses and harasses and scares their families.

Rocket J
Rocket J

What does Buckethead have to say about this? Will Greenpeace be picketing Buckethead's August show in Anaheim? Do consumers want instrumentalists wrapped in rain forests? Side note, should rappers rap in rain forests?

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