13-Year-Old Invents the Hiccupop, a Lollipop That Cures Hiccups

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Not the Hiccupop, just a pop.
You've tried the usual--plugging your nose while drinking a glass of water, saying "elephant" three times, skydiving, dancing naked to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"--but those pesky hiccups still linger. 


Finally, a brainy 13-year-old has a cure--and it's a tasty one. Mallory Kievman of Connecticut spent two years studying folk remedies and hiccup-related clinical trials before fusing her favorite three remedies--lollipops, apple-cider vinegar and sugar--into a single candy treat. The Hiccupop is a lollipop that overstimulates the nerves in the throat that are responsible for the hiccups and "cancels out the message to hiccup," Mashable reports. One study showed that sugar on the back of the tongue stopped sporadic hiccups in 18 out of 20 patients. 

Kievman won awards at a major kids' invention contest for the Hiccupop, the patent for which is pending. The eighth-grader is now working with a team of MBA students to get the lollipop into the hands of real-life hiccup-sufferers. 

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