Draw Something Selling Branded Words Like KFC and Doritos

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Edwin Goei
Yes, I drew this. I took so long, it frustrated the heck out of the other player.

Like me, you may be one of the millions who got hooked on Draw Something. But as reports surface that the game is actually losing users at a rapid rate, did you know that Zynga, the company that owns the game, have started selling branded words like KFC and Doritos to reap more revenues?

As the app suggests the words, you, in effect, become an unpaid brand promoter if you draw the products and logos of advertisers instead of the usual random nouns and objects.

It doesn't take any of the fun away for me, but KFC and Doritos and Coke should be wary. Think of how many unflattering images that, say, a hired Peta artist could disseminate to Draw Something users if it ever figured out how consistently get KFC as a word.

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