Students from Valley High School in Santa Ana Win National Cooking Competition!

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The winning Valley High kids--congrats!
This past Monday, students from Valley High School in SanTana faced off against other student chefs from across the country in a national competition titled "Cooking Up Change." The challenge: create a healthy school lunch. But rather than let activists do the job, the contest allowed the kiddies to get creative, and the Valley crew won!

A brief summary of the win is located at this site, from which we pilfered the photo at right, and the kiddies appeared on KNBC-TV Channel 4 this morning, a video of which follows...

...after I finish a couple more plugs. Helping to sponsor the kiddies' trip was the Northgate González Market chain, who hosted the local cookoff back in March at their massive headquarters in Anaheim that got Valley into the national competition in the first place. The Valley High team is scheduled to appear on NBC Nightly News sometime next week--after that, who knows?

Now, the video. Just don't pay attention to that crazy woman in the middle...and congrats, kids!

View more videos at:

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Thanks, Gustavo. At this rate, the Valley High School Culinary Arts Academy may be the subject of your next book...

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