Carl's Jr. Is Testing An Ice Cream Burger (AKA 'Brrrger') Only in Orange County

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Carl's Jr. 
Sometimes, we just luck out. 

Because look what we've got here. It's the new "Ice Cream Brrrger" from Carl's Jr., being tested only in OC. 

Don't freak out--they didn't simply add a scoop of rocky road to their Western Bacon Cheeseburger. Because that would be gross. Maybe

Nope, it's an ice-cream-sandwich-like concoction that looks like a hamburger straight out of a cartoon. Notice the sugar cookie buns, chocolate ice cream patty and icing for the lettuce, ketchup and mustard.       

Carl's Jr. is testing the $1.99 dessert in a handful of locations. Oh, how we'd love to try it and then take a nap on a hamburger bed.    

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