Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Federal Lawsuit Alleges the Bell Makes Employees Work off the Clock!

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Taco Bell, like all big companies, faces all sorts of wacky lawsuits, so chalk up the following claim to that department...except in this case, the allegations are more serious: orders from Bell brass to a shift manager to make employees work off the clock. And the allegations come from said shift manager--oh dear...
From Florida:

A former shift manager hit Taco Bell of America LLC with a proposed class and collective action Tuesday in Florida federal court, accusing the fast food chain of refusing to pay regular and overtime wages by forcing employees to work off the clock.

Lead plaintiff Alicia Sloan alleges in her suit that Taco Bell controls its costs by mandating unrealistic budgeted labor hours for each restaurant. As a result, Sloan claims restaurant managers forced hourly employees to work off the clock in order to meet staffing...

And then the free preview ends. Where are you when we need you, bugmenot.com?

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