When is Potluck Not Potluck?

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Ever have one of those moments when you realize an English word that seems perfectly normal to you is idiomatic enough that it may cause confusion?

In celebration of 4/20, this is how my friends and I figured out that not everyone knows what it means when each person brings a dish to a shared dinner.

My wife--then my fiancée--and I were at a New Year's Eve party where everyone was supposed to bring a dish. There were the usual foods--lasagne, salad, dessert--but a group of our friends brought a dish of spaghetti that we all couldn't stop eating.

A little while later, though, we noticed that our moods were all a bit... altered.

"What was in that spaghetti?" someone asked.

"Marijuana! You said it was pot luck..." replied one of the friends.

We looked and, sure enough, that wasn't oregano. Oops.

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It was a college party in Westwood. Some Bruins have, um, non-academic interests.

Carrion Fairy
Carrion Fairy

Hahaha, no fucking way! That dude must have been a serious dunce.


Or the coolest friend ever! 


c'mon.... Did this really happen? 

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

It absolutely did. Trust me, I wouldn't forget the details—it was one day after I proposed to my wife.

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