The Food Network Launches Competing Reservation Site To Open Table

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Open Table owns the online reservation business. Now the Scripps Network, which we know better as the Food Network, wants to get in on the game. It has launched a competing service called CityEats that will leverage its Food Network brand name. The main difference is that CityEats will charge restaurants less than Open Table has.

Open Table charges establishments $200 to $700 enrollment fee, levies a $1 per reservation fee on top of that, and tacks on a monthly charge of $199. 

CityEats, which is up and running in Philly and DC with plans for San Francisco and NYC later this year, will charge restaurants $0.75 per reservation and $175 to $200 a month.

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Reservation Genie
Reservation Genie

I think charging 75 cents per reservation could net a pretty big savings for restaurants if they can get customers to switch systems.  That's the hard part, getting customers to switch systems.  I work with Reservation Genie we charge $49 per month and no cover fees from reservations booked from the restaurant's website or customers who return directly to book through ours to get access to VIP perks.  Our VIP program allows restaurants to reward loyalty to their restaurant by configuring perks to that are given to the 10 most active customers based on reservations over the last 90 days.  It's completely customizable so they can pick a perk that fits their brand.  And since they pass the value directly to the customer, there's no middle man company charging fees.  It's a pretty cool can see it working well here.

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