Tapshack, Self-Serve Beer Bar, To Open Soon in The Arches Space in Newport


The Daily Pilot has revealed what will replace the space left behind by The Arches in Newport Beach. It will be a new beer pub called the Tapshack that operates on a novel self-serve system.  

"Tapshack, at 1617 Westcliff Drive, will feature 26 draft beers, including self-pour taps on an outdoor patio that will dispense measured amounts of beer using electronic key cards," the article states.

Also there will be a room dedicated to video games, with a few XBox and Playstation consoles that can be rented by the half hour. The idea is that the parent can sip beer and eat while the kid is presumably preoccupied with killing zombies or leading a platoon through a war zone.

Tapshack, which is slated to open in about a month, is actually a precursor to a bigger venue called Taphouse, which will also presumably use the same beer-by-card concept in Huntington Beach in 10,000 square feet of sports bar space at 8901 Warner Ave. That one will feature about 70 different beer and is planned for a early June opening.

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1617 Westcliff Dr, Newport Beach, CA

Category: Restaurant

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