Taco USA Gets Big Story in New York Times!

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I've obviously known about this for a while, but had to keep it under wraps for the obvious reason that one never knows what might happen in news. But as of today, the New York Times' dining section has published a big ol' piece on my book, Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America--and with more than a few kind words thrown my way.


The closest I'll ever get to the front page of the Gray Lady--the front page of nytimes.com!

You can read the story by Julia Moskin here (complete with a HILARIOUS shot of me eating tacos)--if you're prohibited from reading because you're a cheapskate or don't believe in registering for the Times' 10-free-articles-a-month deal, you can pick up the print version on Wednesday. Moskin is kind, calling my book "an absorbing account of how a few foods (salsa, tacos, chili, tequila) from the complicated and enormous cuisine of Mexico managed to slip into the mainstream of American taste." It starts at Mitla Cafe, mentions Sonoran dogs, and even features an oblique reference to Mos 2.

Rick Bayless, of course, declined to comment haha.

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