Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Employee Arrested for Cashing $56,000 Check Mistakenly Issued to Him By Taco Bell!

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Isn't it the wish of every grunt? Your company, which pays you shit, magically gives you a huge increase by accident one week and never realizes it. It happened to a Taco Bell assistant manager in Sharonville, Ohio, who makes roughly $22,000 a year. One week, his weekly paycheck was for $56,000--read that right! He tried to cash it in, got some of the money. Taco Bell asked for the money back, the guy refused, and the story starts there...
Here it is!

Deante Lovette believes he's worth every penny of salary as a Taco Bell assistant manager - even though his last bi-weekly paycheck was for $56,000.

Lovette, 26, worked at the Sharonville restaurant at 1607 E. Kemper Road, being paid an annual salary of $22,169. But when he received the shockingly large paycheck last fall, he took it to the bank and tried to cash it.

When he was turned away at the first bank, he took it to the PNC Bank branch where he banks and cashed it. That bank gave him $13,000 and said it would release the rest after the check cleared.

Then he bought a car.

Then Taco Bell discovered its mistake and asked for the money back.

Lovette refused, was arrested, indicted and, on Friday, was in court to answer to the felony theft charge.

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