Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Drunks Harass Drive-Thru Worker, Get Arrested

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If Taco Bell were to TRULY care about their customers, they'd start a designated driver program in which an employee would pick up stoned or drunk individuals looking for a Doritos Loco fix, drive them to their nearest Bell, have them order, then take them back. No threat of DUI, no threat of embarrassment to oneself or harm to others, and no threat of harassing employees which leads to a police call, which leads to said police arriving on the scene, which leads to said police discovering said harassers are as drunk as skunks.
From Port Richey, Florida:

Deputies were called to the Taco Bell. The caller said "two drunk guys" had gone through the drive through and "gave an employee a hard time."

In the parking lot, the deputy found the car's driver and passenger hurling things from the windows: food, food boxes, the keys to the car.

Micah James Mistretta slurred his words while he spoke to the deputy, a Pasco Sheriff's report states. Alcohol was on his breath; his eyes were bloodshot and glassy.

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