New Food Truck: Ninjas With Appetite

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With no apologies issued to Ice Cube or Dr. Dre, someone has launched a food truck called NWA, a.k.a. Ninjas With Appetite. Theirs is a lonchera plastered with non-menacing cartoon ninjas and other kawaii characters in colors that recalls something out of Adult Swim. It's brethren is, of course, Kogi and Dos Chinos, luxe loncheras that, for lack of a better term, fuse the Asian with the Mex, or whatever the hell they feel like. But while Kogi is Korean-Mex and Dos Chinos is Viet-Mex, NWA guessed it, Japanese-Mex.

Though I've not yet been, the menu looks to be teriyaki-centered, with the usual bowls, but also tacos they've dubbed teriyakos and of course, quesadillas and burritos.

They're crawling the usual spots, like Bootleggers and also local high schools. Follow their tweets to find where they'll be next and gaze at their Facebook if you want to admire more pictures of the ADD-inspired art that is their truck.

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bomb a** bowls

Trin Salaloy
Trin Salaloy

My Favorite is their Gangsta Wrap. Its a burrito with all the goodness you can imagine. You might have to hit the gym after, but its worth it!  @NWATruck:twitter 

Michelle Woo
Michelle Woo

Confession: I kinda wanna check it out just for an adorable Instagram photo. 

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