It's OC Fair Entry Time!

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So you think your apple pie can beat mine? You'd be right--mine, though famous in my family, was a purple ribbon winner ("Participant") last year. Still, come compete against me and Gustavo's chica Delilah in the jam category, or see if you can best Calendar Editor Erin Dewitt's scones.

If you don't feel like entering the full-on culinary arts contests, there are special one-day contests for cookies (July 21); chili, wings and salsa (July 28); the OC Cupcake Classic (August 4); and a home-cooking contest (August 11). If you pre-register for these free contests, you'll get a free ticket and free parking for that day.

Entries for the main Culinary Arts competitions are due June 10, so start perfecting those recipes now. You can register for either the full competitions or the special contests at

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I'd love to sample Erin Dewitt's scones.....You know I love scones (Christopher Garrens' Let them Eat Cake, etc.)

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Seriously? All the baking-related humor in the world and you had to go with Creepy Internet Comment Man?

In the words of the incredibly beautiful woman at Pepito's who looked me up and down after I complimented her: "Ugh. Are you KIDDING?"


I bought my SuperPass for the 'Fair on Saturday afternoon at OC Fairgrounds World Headquarters.  Laminated, with my name on it.  Lanyard included. 

You should sell your book there...I bet it would really fly in the culinary pavilion.  Not so much next to the hot tubs, framed university campus illustrations, and the juicers. 

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