Is Burger King Testing a Pulled Pork Sandwich and Real Bacon Sundae in Nashville?

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Burger King, now officially downgraded as the number three burger chain behind McDonald's and Wendy's, inspired not-so-inspiring headlines last week such as "Burger King's New Menu ...A Lot Like McDonald's" and "Did Burger King Wait Too Long To Reinvent Itself?"; but are the most drastic changes still yet to come?

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 got a tip off from a reader who had photographic evidence that suggests BK is testing out BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, sweet potato fries and a bacon sundae that, unlike other fast food competitor Jack in the Box has offered in the past, uses real bacon. Furthermore it seems that this particular Burger King has one of those Coca Cola Freestyle machines at the drive-thru, which may be the oddest thing of all (think of the drive-thru gridlock!)

It's anyone's guess whether these items or that Coke machine will make it past the testing stage. But when you're an also-ran that BK is now, maybe it's in their best to do it...lest they actually liked last week's headlines.

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