The Crosby to Open Grilled Cheese Sandwich Restaurant!


Anyone who has ever been to the Crosby in downtown SanTana knows the brilliance of its Starving Artist grilled-cheese sandwich, a Gruyere beauty paired with a shooter of tomato sauce that runs for a ridiculous five bucks. Now, the guys behind it are taking it to the next level, opening the Grilled Cheese Spot, a takeout-only restaurant devoted to the art of the grilled cheese sandwich.
From Crosby co-owner Phil Nisco:

We're going to take over the space that Mil Jugos left vacant when they expanded/moved next door... It's going to be a "build your own" style spot. We'll have a few pre-set sandwich options, but for the most part people can just choose their bread, choose their cheese, choose their protein (optional), choose a dipping sauce (optional), and also choose to have additional cheese melted on top of the sandwhich... with everything served to go.

No idea yet on when they'll open, but this idea has been brewing with the boyos for months. And let's just say they ain't done yet--details to the meanwhile, congrats!

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The Crosby - CLOSED

400 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA

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Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones

This news is the best thing I've heard today! That sandwich is one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever eaten, and to have some build-your-own options is pretty awesome. 


It seems like a mistake to have a grilled cheese sandwich as take out. Unless you're eating in the car or on the curb the sandwich will get all soggy from its own hot steam, right?


Apparently, you haven't had the crosbys "starving artist grilled cheese." It doesn't sog. It's kind of like a hot dog stand where it doesn't make it to you car. Anyways a grilled cheese is made to be portable or on the go. With a car or not. None the less, you won't have a soggy grilled cheese from the crosbys.

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

What makes you think the sandwich will make it as far as my car?

Chris Irvin
Chris Irvin

It's gonna make it to my belly. That's for sure.

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