Five Pizza Crusts More Epic Than Pizza Hut's Hot Dog-Stuffed Crust

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Pizza Hut Malaysia
As Edwin reported, Pizza Hut UK is stuffing its crust with hot dogs, and as expected, people are going nuts over the hybrid. But while I'm sure it's as tasty and heart-attack-inducing as it sounds, the concoction is hardly a novel one. Crazy crusts have been offered in Asia for years.

Here are five truly mind-blowing pizza crusts from Pizza Hut and other pie-makers. 

1. Sausage, Bacon and Cheese Roll Crust 

Pizza Hut Japan
This is like the Taj Mahal of the hot-dog pizza. Pizza Hut Japan's Double Roll Pizza features a crust of mini hot dog and bacon rolls on one half (which can be individually dipped in ketchup) and cheddar and mozzarella rolls on the other half. Via Japan Probe.  

2. "Cheesy Crowns" 

Pizza Hut Malaysia 
A Lunar New Year promotion, the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza from Pizza Hut Malaysia oozes with "crowns of creamy liquid gold," aka cheese. The commercial is pretty hilarious. Pizza: the solution to all mother-in-law issues. 

3. Coconut Shrimp and Sweet Potato Mousse 

Mr. Pizza
Mr. Pizza, a Korean chain known for its decadent fillings and toppings, has a limited-edition pie called "Seafood Island 2." The crust is filled with a creamy sweet potato mousse and topped with coconut shrimp. 

4. Chicken Meatballs and Mayo 
Pizza Hut Japan
 We already love meatballs on pizza but why stop there? Let's keep the carnivorous enjoyment going until the very end. This pizza innovation comes from Pizza Hut Japan. 

5. Bacon Epi 

Pizza California
This squid-ink pizza from Japan's Pizza California promoted Sumioni, a 2D action video game that stars an "ink demon." The crust is made of bacon epi--chewy French bread with pockets of bacon, onions and peppers. 

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