Del Taco Messes With Perfection By Adding New Flavors To Its Chicken Soft Tacos

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I have soft spot in my heart for Del Taco's chicken soft tacos. Combo Meal No. 4 (two chicken soft tacos, fries and a drink) was my go-to quickie dinner during college, and I still find myself indulging (and later regretting it) on spontaneous occasions. The tacos aren't pretty and will never make any sort of foodie list, but when topped with Del Scorcho sauce, they're inexplicably satisfying.   

I swung by Del Taco the other day when I needed some sustenance asap (it was 3 p.m. and I hadn't eaten all day), and when I went to order my tacos, I saw that things had changed. It seems that the chicken soft tacos are now marketed as "Grilled Chicken Tacos," and two new flavors have been added, Creamy Chipotle and Tangy Ranch. 

I was hesitant. Did they dare mess with perfection? 

Michelle Woo/OC Weekly
The Grilled Chicken Taco with chipotle sauce, which is barely noticeable. 

They did, and the results were mixed. The chipotle sauce had a slight kick and richness, which was tasty. I'd probably order it again. The ranch, on the other hand, tasted like ranch, and, well, ranch really has no business in a taco of any kind. Still, I devoured because like I said--starving

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