Allerto's Mexican-Indian Comida is All-Halal All The Time!

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Yasmin Nouh
Allerto's Carne Asada fries
Go to Allerto's if you're in the area, and you're craving Mexican and/or Indian food. Some might feel like they're making a pit stop on a road trip when entering the 24-hour restaurant. It's probably because it doubles up, with no barrier, to a gas station store. There are about a dozen small tables and a tiny kitchen from which all the food that comes out is halal--halal turkey bacon, halal beef chorizo, halal everything.

Allerto's opened up two months ago near Disneyland thanks to a Pakistani man who previously worked at Bismillah down the street. The long list of menu items features the regulars: enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, tostadas and combination plates replete with orangey rice and refried beans. There is an "Indian Menu" as well which offers chicken biryani, naan, paratha, dal (lentil) and mango lassi among other South Asian treats. I asked for recommendations, and here are my reports.

First, the owner complemented our orders with a side of chicken nuggets and vegetable rolls filled with peas, corn and potato. The chicken nuggets make Jack in the Box's chicken strips a sorry scene. They're not so much nuggets as they are chicken wings, served tender, plump, and crispy but not overly fried.

Up next was a chicken burrito--a parsley-sprinkled mezcla of moist chicken strips smothered in creamy, homemade guacamole, pulpy pico de gallo, and sour cream stuffed into a thin flour tortilla which holds everything together except for the tomato sauce. Just half of this giant might induce a heart attack on the spot. Nonetheless, I ordered carne asada fries as well. More or less, its the contents of a carne asada burrito drizzled on top of a bed of fries.

I first tried the San Diego-based creation a few years ago, and I have yet to find a match up to par in Orange County. Allerto's version runs like this: a bulk of chewy, carne asada bits atop a goopy heap of refried beans, guacamole and sour cream in separate sections plopped onto a bed of soft, cheesy fries. It needs the sweetness of tomato salsa and the freshness of cilantro to offset the saltiness of it all. Two bites, and I was done. Just enough room for a few sips of sweetened, crimson-colored Hibiscus flower tea and cinnamon-infused, milky Horchata.

Allerto's doesn't offer up gourmet Mexican food, but if you don't want Del Taco, then stop by, on an empty stomach por favor.

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Allerto's Mexican Restaurant

1198 W. Ball Road, Anaheim, CA

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Came you send me the ADDRESS of the top ten picks of you mexican list   As always, discussions and bashing in the comments section are welcome.10. Avila's El RanchitoYes, it's a chain, but it's a home-grown chain. Avila's has spread from South County all the way to the hallowed Orange Circle; the menu is full of all the usual Mexican-American specialties, but the secret is that they have the best caldo de pollo of any of the places on this list. Ask for an extra elote in yours.9. La Casa GarciaWhile La Casa Garcia is close to Disneyland, it's just far enough off Harbor that most tourists never see it; inside, it's a trip back in time. Order the flautas, and revel in the fact that you're sitting in one of OC's oldest Mexican restaurants, whose founding family give out hundreds of meals at Thanksgiving.8. MolcasalsaAs the name implies, it doesn't really matter what you get here, just put lots of their excellent salsa--especially the green one--on it. The menu is similar to Alberto's, but just different enough to warrant its own spot on the list. The kicker? It's open 24x7--so you can get your fatty burrito on at 3 a.m. after you stumble out of the bars in downtown Fullerton.7. Mexi-CasaMexi-Casa is so old it's rumored to have been started by Father Serra on his church-planting stroll up the coast of northern Mexico. The prices haven't changed in forever, either, and it's far and away the cheapest combo plate. Stick with the usual: enchiladas, chiles rellenos, and tacos, and remember: drink refills are not free at Mexi-Casa, and it's strictly cash only. 6. Mario's Fiesta MayaMario's Fiesta Maya is the spiritual home of Bro-Mex, OC's own export of Mexican food. You already know what's on the menu, because it's on the menu everywhere, but instead of kitschy scenes of a Mexico that never existed, it's loud, brash, and full of people whose average age is about 22. It's as much Orange County as Disneyland, surfing the Wedge, and voting for old white Republican men.5. Little OnionEver wonder what a Mexican restaurant circa 1978 looked like? That's Little Onion, a place where the enchiladas are as thin as masa-based crepes, where the rice and beans are a slightly alarming color but taste like pure heaven, and where you can get an egg put on absolutely anything.4. Sarinana's Tamale FactoryDespite the fact that Sarinana's has tamales in the name--and the tamales are pretty good--the whole reason anyone goes to Sarinana's is for the hard-shelled tacos. The shredded beef and chicken are great, but the ground beef hard-shelled taco will awaken your mind to what Taco Bell is trying to imitate.3. El FarolitoHuge platters of crispy carnitas: check. Chips so thick you could build a bridge out of them: check. Awesome beans: check. Self-service (but monitored, don't get any ideas) beer fridge: check. Cheap bill: check. All you have to do is wait for your name to be called.2. The Entire Al Empire (Alberto's, Alberta's, Albertacos, etc.)They all have different names, based as they are on the original Roberto's in San Diego, but the menu, prices and signs are the same, whether you're at Alerto's or Albatros. Some are partial to their California burritos, enormous, thick logs of meat and rice and beans and cheese; they're more famous, though, for their carne asada fries (and carne asada nachos). Here's a tip: a half order is plenty for anyone. Seriously.1. Super AntojitosWhen it's not full of students from Santa Ana College across the street, Super Antojitos has soccer matches on, with friendly rivalry between two halves of the restaurant. The chile verde is outstanding--it could be improved only with tortillas hechas a mano--and the combination plates are leagues beyond El Torito and its ilk. The bar is stocked with Victoria, the salsa doesn't need to be spiked with Tapatio, and the service is friendly.

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