Irvine to Get A New Korean BBQ

Edwin Goei

For quite a while I knew that a new business called "All That BBQ" was going to open at Culver Plaza in Irvine, but I had no idea if it was a restaurant or perhaps a BBQ equipment supplier like BBQ's Galore.

Well as it turns out, it is, indeed, a restaurant. Not just a restaurant but a Korean BBQ. It's not that Irvine isn't lacking in Korean BBQs, but for Culver Plaza, which will soon also have a Mongolian hot pot joint when Little Sheep opens, a Korean BBQ will make a nice bookend, not to mention act as the yin to its yang (one requires you to boil own meat while the other requires you to broil it).

The location, just a few doors down from the 99 Ranch Market where there used to be a jewelry store, is still in the beginning stages; but the owners have already applied for and been granted a beer and wine license.

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All That BBQ is soooo yummy. Looked like they were busy the first day they opened, and I can see why. It's all you can eat bbq...and they bring your meat to your table and help you cook it..also you can cook it by yourself. So yummy and the place smells sooo good. Yummm!! I'm super excited and will be eating here often.

Robins BBQ
Robins BBQ

It is a great news i love the tasty barbeque food just coming there to have it.

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