Wendy's Announces Major Menu Revamp, Moving Away From Its Value Menu

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Wendy's, after wrestling the No. 2 spot last year from Burger King, is now focused on taking down the Clown. It intends to beef up advertising for its W Burger, taking aim at the Big Mac in what the CEO promises will be commercials "akin to the kind of the Apple-vs.-PC kind of spot."

A major revamp of the menu is also planned, including possibly trimming down its popular value menu and adding new products such as a Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club, new fries (as an add-on to its current one) and a new salad.
On the proposed value menu edits, CEO Emil Brolick lamented they were incurring the food cost but not getting the sales benefit. He points out that they have six value-priced protein items while McDonald's has only about two.

This brings me to a question I've long pondered: Why are the 5-piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets cheaper than the regular 5-piece nuggets?

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Also, the CEO does have a point about the breadth of Wendy's value menu...it has always been quite generous in the number of offerings. 

In fairness to us poor bloaks, though, their value menu hasn't exactly been "99 cents" for awhile now.  The small chili, for example, is at least $1.39 or $1.49 if I recall correctly.  When it was 99 cents, it was an absolute steal...even the large one was (I think) $1.79 or so.  And that included the saltines and plastic-wrapped, Chinet-caliber spoon.  Yeah, doesn't take much to make me happy. 


I wondered the same thing about the 5 piece nuggets!!  My guess is, the Spicy ones will more likely trigger someone to buy one of their higher-margin sodas....thus they're more enticingly priced. 

Also, value menus are often the domain of males (especially young, college-age males) so the Spicy ones target their tastes, whereas when Mom comes in on a weekday morning with little Connor or Dylan -- who'll only eat bland chicken nuggets -- they soak the distracted, desparate Mom with the premium price.  

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