Vons, Albertsons, and Walmart To Stop Selling "Pink Slime" Beef

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Not pink slime, but pink and slimy.
​What Louis Braindeis once said about sunlight being the best disinfectant can probably apply here. After being "pink"-listed by The Daily as sellers of "pink slime" beef, several supermarket chains have announced that they will stop offering beef that contains the filler previously known as "lean finely textured beef." 

The now infamous substance, which is made by treating the leftover scraps of the butchering process with ammonia hydroxide, has been deemed safe by the USDA and was also slated to be included in school lunch programs until the agency backed off amid public outcry. They said last week that it would allow schools to opt out of using the product.

Now MSNBC is reporting that Safeway, a.k.a. Vons; along with Supervalu, a.k.a. Albertsons; and Walmart, a.k.a. America's number one retailer, all have announced that they will stop selling the stuff, citing "widespread customer concern", as a spokesman for Safeway Inc. put it.

The move by these grocers follow McDonald's who swore off the stuff weeks ago.

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You have to imagine that the producers of "finely textured beef' will continue to find a market for their product... As long as the USDA claims that its safe they'll find a way.  Or since there is no labeling requirements they'll stop using it for a while then when the chatter calms down they will start using it again.  

But I have to say I'm impressed with the way it was covered and the response to the consumers demands.

This has been the weekly's version of the Kony campaign... Now I'm off to find an Intern from a local dairy to call BS on the Pink Slime hysteria.


Well with Walmart in the group that won't sell it, it sounds like finely textured beef will be going away. My main issue is that it's not being labeled as such. Other types of "processed" meat is usually labeled, such as mechanically separated chicken, etc. Glad to see places deciding against it. Of course that doesn't mean it won't be in other food products outside of the ground beef, I would supposed.

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