TONIGHT: PBR Art Show at Alex's Bar

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Pabst Blue Ribbon
While PBR beer is hardly spectacular, the PBR logo will always be a classic. If you don't have plans tonight, check out this art show featuring pieces inspired by the iconic blue Pabst Blue Ribbon--or if you're a speedy artist, enter the contest for a chance to win a year's worth of beer. Here's a description of the event by OC Weekly music writer Chris Ziegler.      

Pabst may not be the drink of the gods, but it's definitely the drink of the trogs, and our sympathies always point to the underground dwellers anyway, so we can't lie--we've had some good times with PBR. And since the prize at stake for this all-PBR-themed art show is a year of beer--please, check the online gallery for some Jasper Johns-ian takes on America's weekday night beer of choice--then you can guarantee yourself so many good times your entire personality might evolve into something altogether more golden and lovely. Make physical your interpretation of PBR, register at, and haul it down to Alex's to enjoy Los Mysteriosos and a chance to win. And then dream of that year of beer rolling into your driveway and your life.
The show and party start at 9 p.m.

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