'Thank Starbucks' Counters 'Dump Starbucks' In Battle Over Company's Support of Gay Marriage

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Last week, Dave reported on a movement bitterly brewed by the folks over at National Organization for Marriage (NOM). "Dump Starbucks" urges opponents of gay marriage to ditch the coffee chain because of its support of marriage equality for same-sex couples. Since launching around May 21, its online petition has gotten more than 22,200 pledges, meaning there will now be 22,200 fewer haters in line when we get our morning latte.
If you're starting to feel a little bad for Starbucks for having to take the fire for sticking to its values, there's now this: "Thank Starbucks" is a massive group thank-you card to counter the NOM BS. Launched by activist group SumOfUs, the card is meant to give the company "moral support to keep standing up for equality." "...It's a big deal when a giant multinational corporation with no particular connection to the gay community realizes that there are real business benefits-- from better employees to happier customers--to standing up for progressive ideals," the website states.

And if this is a contest, well, "Thank Starbucks" has gotten more than 250,000 signatures in just over 72 hours, more than 10 times the support the other guys have received. If you want to add your name, go here. Then go get some coffee. 

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