Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Hit-and-Run in Parking Lot, Followed by High-Speed Police Chase!

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Living in Southern California, where high-speed police chases are as common as newscaster promises of weather reports, we tend to forget that other areas of the United States has such entertaining television. But the last place in this country where I'd expect such a thing to happen is in Mansfield, Ohio. What, exactly, is that? It's such a backwater 'burb that they call hit-and-run accidents "hit-skip." HA!
Anyhoo, roll the tape:

Mansfield Police were led on a four-mile high-speed chase early Wednesday, after officers reponded to a report of a hit-skip accident in the parking lot of Taco Bell on West Hanley Road.

Officers tried to stop the suspect's car, but he sped out of the parking lot, nearly hitting a cruiser.

He ran the red light on Hanley at Route 13 and continued eastbound.

The car reached 80-miles-per-hour before crashing into a utility pole at Berry Road.

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