Warning! KFC's Double Down Has Mutated and Is Invading Canada!

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Just when you think that the salt-lick-posing-as-food-item KFC called the Double Down was down and out in our continent (it's still big in Japan), the company has announced that their infamous bunless chicken "sandwich" has mutated into hybrid creature called the "Zinger Double Down."

Starting this week, Canadians, can not only have the original Double Down to increase their sodium intake levels, but this spicier incarnate that has reportedly twice the breading.

The press release describes it this way:

The new Zinger Double Down features two premium seasoned chicken breasts, marinated to perfection in KFC's signature hot and spicy seasoning. Next, it's double-breaded by hand for extra crunch - and lightly fried to golden KFC splendour. Finally, the bunless wonder is topped with spicy mayonnaise sauce, processed Pepper Jack cheese and two pieces of crispy bacon.

To read about my previous encounter with what I previously described as "less food than a college fraternity dare", click here.

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"lightly fried"...."processed Pepper Jack"....Way to sell it KFC...

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

I'm getting nauseated just looking at that picture. The things I do for this blog...

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