Irish Car Bombs: The Most Insensitive Drink of St. Patty's Day?

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Happy St. Patrick's Eve! Tomorrow, of course, is the day for Americans to drink (and regurgitate) green beer because, well, it's St. Patrick's Day, bro! But before you embrace the cultural holiday by ordering a round of "Irish"-themed cocktails, think about this . . .

Many Irish hate Irish Car Bombs--for good reason. The drink, a shooter of Bailey's and Irish whiskey dropped into a glass of Guinness, brings back terrifying memories of unrest in Northern Ireland, where real car bombs killed dozens of citizens at a time during The Troubles. Marcus Beer, who lived in the UK during that time, penned a thoughtful piece on the issue for LAist. "The IRA (Irish Republican Army) was our Al Qaeda," he writes. " . . . How would you feel if some former enemy of the US decided to market a 'Flaming Twin Towers' cocktail?" 

More green beer, anyone? 

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