Food Network Casting Season 3 of The Great Food Truck Race. Food Truckers Need Not Apply.

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OC's Seabirds Truck competed in last years The Great Food Truck Race

Have you been thinking of starting a food truck but just don't have the capital? Tyler Florence wants you for The Great Food Truck Race! The casting call was put out today for new teams to compete in the third season of the show and the producers aren't exactly interested whether you even have a food truck. Heck, they don't want you if you do.

Their casting call specifically states: "in order to qualify you must be a newbie and have never owned or operated a food truck."
In fact, they'll give you a food truck. And when you win, you get to keep the food truck.

Yes, in a complete revamp of the concept, Food Network will turn the winner of Season 3 into a food truck entrepreneur. You could think of it as The Great Food Truck Race: The Next Great Food Truck, where everyone has a shot. Or you could call this the show's "jump the shark" moment.

Is this democratization just an extension of the food truck ethos? Or just the point where you stop watching?

There may have been no other out for the producers. They could not maintain the status quo. Last season, with social networking and the immediacy of the Internet (not to mention bloggers like this one) the results of each episode's elimination challenges were easily cracked as they filmed. The finalists were known even before the debut episode aired.

The full text of the casting call below:

The Food Network is now casting "The Great Food Truck Race" Season 3. Tyler Florence, the host of "The Great Food Truck Race" is back with a new show twist. This season Tyler is looking for food truck newbies!

Casting people who have never owned nor operated a food truck but really want to give operating a food truck a shot.

Yep, your cuisine and cooking skills can be transformed into your own mobile restaurant.

Have you dreamt of owning a food truck but never had the means to do it? Do you have a small eatery that would like to expand into a food truck?
Maybe you had your own restaurant at one point in time and had to shut it down? This could be your chance to start again with a brand new venture in mobile dining.

The Food Network is searching for chefs and cooks to compete on "The Great Food Truck Race". Seeking: trained chefs, line cooks, sous chefs, home cooks, anyone who has a passion for food, amateur and pro alike. This is your chance to compete on national TV for a chance to own and operate your very first food truck.

Casting teams of 3. You will have two teammates in your food truck. It can be your mother, brother, sister, best friend or anyone you know and trust to help you win the challenge. The show will provide everything else that you need including the food truck, the supplies and the adventure.

The cooks picked for the show will go on a coast to coast trip of a lifetime in a food truck. You will travel cross country building your brand and out cooking the competition to convince America that you have what it takes to build a food truck business.

The team that wins "The Great Food Truck Race" will get their own state of the art food truck.

Are you ready to take the challenge and make your new truck the next big culinary thing?

If you are passionate about your cooking and ready to take your dream on the road, The Food Network wants to hear from you!

To apply for the show:


your name
your age
proposed teammates and their photos
description of your cooking background
idea for your food truck

email the above info to:

please note that in order to qualify you must be a newbie and have never owned or operated a food truck.

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I thought this was a great way for food truckers to promote their food trucks. We have a local food truck group we talked to tonight...encouraging them to try to get on the Great Food Truck Race. Sorry to see these food truckers won't be considered for your show!!!


Wow was it necessary to get smart. Your question was answered? You are too sensitive.


Any more specifics about this?  Like a deadline or a link with more details?


Did we ever find out the real story behind the Korilla Truck? I know they acted like the truth would come out some day after their NDA expired.


We just saw all of them in Flagstaff Az yesterday buying all their food in Sams club and then setting up and selling down town!  Lots of pics, it was fun


They got eliminated for cheating. They said on the show that they added extra money to there till. I thought they acted like they were pretty embabrassed they got caught. I seem to remember them saying they were being made fools of but its there fault.


I know they got eliminated for cheating. That is why I asked if we ever found out the REAL story from them. At the time they seemed to suggest that that wasn't the whole story and they were going to eventually talk. That is why I asked...

Also the correct word is "their" not "there".


Punctuation goes inside the quotation marks.

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