Second Eat Chow Eatery Showing Signs of Progress

Eat Chow FB page

Don't get confused by Eat Chow's next location. Their current one is off Newport in Costa Mesa. The sequel is going to be off Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach. So when you tell someone "I'll see you at Newport.", be sure to clarify which.

As you can see, the PCH outpost is looking spiffy and (finally) unattached to a retail outlet.

The lovely voice at the other end of the line quoted an opening date around the first week of April. Can we say Easter brunch?

I think their fried egg dish (with prosciutto, truffle oil and lemon tossed arugula) is calling my name. . . .

Anne Marie Panoringan
This is how we brekkie.

Eat Chow will be located at 211 62nd St, Newport Beach;

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Location Info

Eat Chow

211 62nd St., Newport Beach, CA

Category: Restaurant

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