Make Michael Jackson's Sweet Potato Pie, Liberace's Sticky Buns With The Dead Celebrity Cookbook

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You can tell a lot about a person by what they cooked for themselves and their families, so for Hollywood buffs, this cookbook is a gem.

The irreverently-named Dead Celebrity Cookbook is a collection of 145 recipes from actors, musicians and other famous figures who've passed. Did you know Katharine Hepburn was a mean brownie baker? Or that Liberace made killer sticky buns with brown-sugar syrup and rum-soaked raisins? Or that Lucille Ball had a chopped chicken liver dish? Me neither.
The book is the brainchild of former movie critic Frank DeCaro. He tells Yahoo!'s OMG! how he came up with the idea:

I've been just a huge flea market shopper and I became a big eBay person as well so I was buying anything -- and I mean anything -- that had a celebrity recipe in it. If it was a manual from a microwave oven circa 1975 or a handout from a Midwestern supermarket in 1968, old, out-of-print cookbooks, biographies, magazines, newspapers, ads; anything that had a celebrity recipe in it I would grab it and buy it. I had this collection, and you really do have to do something with it or the "Hoarders" people come and take all your stuff. I thought a book would be a fun idea.

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I don't want just the recipes but the story behind them  when did they cook it last or how else ate the food.

Michelle Woo
Michelle Woo

The book shares stories and tidbits about the celebrities as well!

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