Make Michael Jackson's Sweet Potato Pie, Liberace's Sticky Buns With The Dead Celebrity Cookbook

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You can tell a lot about a person by what they cooked for themselves and their families, so for Hollywood buffs, this cookbook is a gem.

The irreverently-named Dead Celebrity Cookbook is a collection of 145 recipes from actors, musicians and other famous figures who've passed. Did you know Katharine Hepburn was a mean brownie baker? Or that Liberace made killer sticky buns with brown-sugar syrup and rum-soaked raisins? Or that Lucille Ball had a chopped chicken liver dish? Me neither.
The book is the brainchild of former movie critic Frank DeCaro. He tells Yahoo!'s OMG! how he came up with the idea:

I've been just a huge flea market shopper and I became a big eBay person as well so I was buying anything -- and I mean anything -- that had a celebrity recipe in it. If it was a manual from a microwave oven circa 1975 or a handout from a Midwestern supermarket in 1968, old, out-of-print cookbooks, biographies, magazines, newspapers, ads; anything that had a celebrity recipe in it I would grab it and buy it. I had this collection, and you really do have to do something with it or the "Hoarders" people come and take all your stuff. I thought a book would be a fun idea.

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