Cismontane Brewing Doubles Production And Expands Tasting Room

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Cismontane has been producing standout beers for nearly two years. Now the tucked-away Rancho Santa Margarita microbrewery is becoming less of a secret--and less tiny.

Expanding into the unit next door, Cismontane will double its production from 500 barrels per year to 1,000. The extra space also allows the brewery to nearly double the size of the tasting room, which currently fits 50 people. The build-out is underway, and the tanks are already loaded as seen in the photo above.   

It's great news for the OC craft beer scene. Founders Ross Stewart and Evan Weinberg have put out top-notch brews like the Black's Dawn Imperial Stout and Coulter IPA and the limited-edition Double Rainbow IPA. We'll update you on when you can try the latest beers in the new tasting room.

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Cismontane Brewing

29851 Aventura, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Category: Restaurant

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