Perhaps Chastened By Last Week's Tip Furor, Laguna Hills Diner Leaves 84 Percent Tip

Categories: Really?!?!?
Remember the international furor last week created by the person who allegedly left a 1 percent tip (and a nasty note about finding a real job) on a bill worth more than $100 at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach? Well, of course, that turned out to be a fake, but not before igniting a huge debate over tips and waitstaff compensation in the United States.

The story must have touched the heart of another wealthy restaurant patron in Orange County, though, because last Thursday, some kind soul left a $100 tip on a $119 bill at Break of Dawn in Laguna Hills--and unlike the previous receipt, which was bogus, this one is 100% legit.

Whoever you are, 84 Percent Tipper, you have made your server very, very happy... and kindled a flicker of hope for the human race in my hard, jaded, bitter heart.

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