"Marketing Visionary" to Protest Outside Carl's Jr. Corporate Offices for Their "Soft Porn" Commercials

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We only report the facts here, folks, so there's this: a self-described "marketing visionary" from Orange County named Basia Christ is urging people to make the drive up to Carl's Jr.'s corporate offices in Carpinteria this Friday to protest urge a boycott of Happy Stars and all the other things the chain offers.

"Help me send a message to this company that women should not be 'used' like this to sell their hamburgers and ask them to pull this commercial," Christ wrote in a press release.

Who is Christ? Beats me--and that's why I'm going to hell (ba-dum-dum, emphasis on the dumb!). No, Christ is a self-published author whose LinkedIn you can view.

As for the commercial? You know what you have to do--after the jump!

Anyone interested in fighting such horrors can contact Christ at basia.christ@marketive.com. Us? We'll stick to Brazzers...

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