Taco Bell's Doritos Shell is Coming Soon

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Taco Bell
​Last year, we found out that Taco Bell was hooking up with Frito-Lay to create a taco shell made of Doritos.   

Now, that bastard child is here! Meet the Doritos Locos Taco, which will arrive at participating locations nationwide at midnight on March 8.  

 reports that the ubiquitous Nacho Cheese variety will debut first, and the cult-favorite Cool Ranch flavor will come after. A regular taco will cost $1.29 and a taco will cost $1.69.    

In case you're dying to know how a Dorito Locos Taco is made, check out this photo from Jon Eick of So Good.
So Good
​And in case you're dying to know how it tastes, well--Step. 1. Buy Doritos. Step 2. Buy a Taco Bell taco. Step 3. Combine.  

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