SoCal Has Its Own Pho Challenge

I've heard of people making the trek to San Francisco's Pho Garden to see if they can devour a 4-pound bowl within an hour, but now, there's no longer a need for that journey. D'lite Pho Lee in Rowland Heights has its own pho challenge. Finish its XXL Pho Ribeye--a 4-pound beast--and the restaurant will waive the $23.88 cost. So far, it seems that only one has entered the Hall of Fame.

Check out the promo video:

As much as we love pho, I think we'll pass on this one. We much prefer this type of pho challenge.
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Does it require that you drink all the broth too or just eat the the noodles and meat? 

Edit- went on the website and its 4lbs of noodle and meat only!


I want to and I only live 15 min from there but.. I dont think the wife would be willing to shell out the 24 bucks when I lose! 

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