Pliny the Younger To Be Tapped at Anthill Pub and Grille

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For those who've been desperately stalking Pliny the Younger, we've got the latest coordinates.

This Saturday, Feb. 18, UC Irvine's Anthill Pub and Grille will be tapping one 5-gallon keg of the limited-edition triple IPA. The bar opens at 7 p.m., and tickets for a 5-ounce pour will be sold at the door for $4. One ticket per person.   

What makes this rare offering from Russian River Brewing Co. one that people wait hours in line for? Well, it scored a perfect 100 on Beer Advocate. One reviewer summed it up like this: 

"Wow, all the hype about this beer is true. The best beer I've ever drank. I was stunned at how such a strong beer can be so smooth and tasty and loaded with hops. The aroma lingers on and on."  

Also, there are still four more days to buy raffle tickets for pints of Pliny the Younger at Beachwood BBQ. Get it before . . . well, next year.  

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Weird.  I was just reading the epistles of Pliny the Younger.  His treatment of Xians was level-headed.  Not sure I can say the same about beer.  

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